Workshops - Chris Nesbit

NEW - 'Use My Gear' - see below!

Interested in learning night photography? Perhaps you want to explore some new ideas with landscapes?

I offer DONATION based tuition on many aspects of photography, both out in the field, and processing using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

It doesn't matter on your level of photography, or the equipment you have - if you have a passion to learn then I have a passion to teach.

What do you mean DONATION based?

It's simple;  instead of setting rates and hours all I ask is if you enjoy and get something out of one of my photography sessions, then you give me what you feel is appropriate. If we're travelling somewhere which isn't local to the New Forest then I will charge for travel, but other than that it comes down to what you wish. 

For Real? What's involved?

Yes, we need to chat, first let's make sure I can help, and there-after we can arrange a mutually agreeable location and date.  All you need to do is contact me. 

Any Terms etc?

I prefer working with 2 - 4 people. I can be flexible if that doesn't fit. I might like to Blog about our session, or get a short testimonial from you (in the belief you will have benefitted from a workshop with me). Depending on location and time of year, you may need warm clothes etc. 

NEW - 'Use My Gear'

I'm now offering my clients the chance to use my gear under my supervision for any workshops we may do. You'll have access to a Canon 6D (full frame) and a Canon 7D mkii (aps-c), along with a variety of fast prime lenses. For the night, I will be provide you with a memory card so you can keep your images (charges apply). This will allow you to see the differences between sensor size etc. in  a real world-setting. Contact me to find out more! 

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